8.5ft Light Mahogany Canopy Pub Bar with Brass Rails

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Dimensions: 94.25H 105W 81.25D

This is a gorgeous 8.5ft large solid mahogany canopy home pub bar with brass rails. It features a gorgeous beveled canopy with paneled surfaces on top with convenient shelves all around including 13 stemware shelves on its front and very elegant arched designs decorated with foliage carvings and beautiful small turned columns. The back of the bar includes two large beveled arched mirrors, two convenient removable shelves, a gorgeous stained lead glazed glass that has a unique star-like design which can be lighted however the ac cord has a 220watt plug therefore a 110w adapter is required which can be purchased at a local store, two beautiful vase and ring turnings, plenty of top surface space for placing drinks, raised trim decorations, two exquisite and large scrolled accents with beautiful acanthus leaves, four smooth operating drawers that are well built with dovetail joinery which have traditional facings with lovely handles, and four shelves under the drawer, two that are removable.
The side of the bar has two drawers and four shelves, two that are removable. The front of the bar has a very nice and spacious top surface and it features two large and gorgeous vase and ring columns with scrolled capitols. On its front it has traditional raised beveled surfaces with beautiful brass rails, and on its back it has four additional drawers and four shelves, two that are removable, a convenient open cabinet and a luxurious lift-door on its entrance. From the elegant design to quality build this bar will bring many years of convenience and pleasure to your home.

Dimensions (In inches)
Back of Bar 94.25H x 99.75W x 15.75D
Canopy Shelves 6.75/11.5D 2 Mirrors 28H x 17.25W
2 Mirror Shelves 5.5H x 23.25W
Stained Glass 27.75H x 17W
Top Surface 43.25H x 80W x 14.75D
4 Shelves
Top Left/Right 16.25H x 38.5W x 13.5D
Bottom Left/Right 13.5H x 38.5W x 14.5D
4 Drawers 3.5H x 15.5W x 11.5D
Side of Bar 43.25H x 63W x 19.5D
2 Shelves 3.5H x 18.5W x 13D
Left Shelves
Top 16.25H x 37.5W x 14.75D
Bottom 13.25H x 37.5W x 15.5D
Right Shelves
Top 16.25H x 24W x 14.5D
Bottom 13.25H x 24W x 15.25D
Front of Bar 94.25H x 105W x 35.5D
Top Surface 43.5H x 99.25W x 19.5D
3 Drawers 3.5H x 16.5W x 13D
1 Smaller Drawer 3.5H x 8.25W x 13D
Open Cabinet 30.5H x 15W x 15D
Left Shelves
Top 16.25H x 43.5W x 14.25D
Bottom 13.25H x 43.5W x 15D
Right Shelves
Top 16H x 46.75W x 14.25D
Bottom 13.25H x 46.75W x 15D

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