Luxurious and Trendy Décor

Luxurious and Trendy Décor

Posted by Mahogany Millworks on 11th Feb 2020

With all the end-of-year or holiday distractions, it is easy to become overwhelmed and downright frustrated. Why not gift yourself for a change with luxurious and trendy décor? At MMW we offer a vast selection of unique furnishings as well as the option to create your custom solid-wood pieces. Either way, we guarantee superior construction and customer satisfaction every time.

Nebula Sculpture

Martina Bookends, Pair

For the sculpture and bookends, our artisans crafted by hand a flat ribbon, welding the iron grid together with brass and ultimately twisting the pieces into their exquisite shapes. This collection was inspired by a favorite amusement park ride, the roller coaster. All pieces are mounted on a natural iron base; they are graphic and organic.

Sopo Wood Abstract Round Art Deco Sculpture

Sopo Wood Rustic Twisted Sculpture

Truly distinctive and innately interesting, this collection represents the intersection of Art Deco and Mother Nature. These sculptures feature a unique shape inherent of its style. Sopo wood naturally has an attractive form. At least one metal rod and a traditional elegant rectangular black base support each piece.

Medlock Large Vase

Nearly 25” tall, this large vase features duality: two parts and two colors. The top boasts a gorgeous amber hue whereas the bottom layer is a mix of smoky tones.

Mid-century Inspired Nevada Lamp

Featuring a ceramic design with impeccable aqua-blue art glaze, this lamp has a cylinder shape and small footprint, making it perfect for a nightstand or side table. This beauty has a drum shade made of an ivory microfiber.