Antiquax Care Products – Offering Excellence for Over a Century

Posted by Mahogany Millworks on 10th Feb 2020

Antiquax is an English company providing quality care items for a remarkable assortment of furniture materials. Antiquax offers amazing wax polish for fine furniture but also provides care items for metal, marble, stone, glass, and even crystal. Mr. Elliott, a master cabinetmaker in the early 1900s, crafted the original wax. Partridge Fine Arts, a London antique gallery, began selling it in 1922; since then, stately homes and museums alike have relied on Antiquax wax polish.

Antiquax Original Wax Polish (also availablein brown)
Made in England, this tried-and-true polish contains a superior blend of waxes that include beeswax and carnauba. Specially formulated to resist finger marking, it penetrates and nourishes all wood surfaces to prevent natural wood-grain from drying out in centrally heated rooms.

Antiquax RingRemover Sick and tired of heat marks and water rings on furniture? Use this special blend of oils and terpenes to gently remove most heat marks, water rings, and other blemishes from polished furniture.

AntiquaxMirror & Glass CleanerThis product is especially helpful for sun rooms and glass-topped furniture. Ensure a finish without smearing by using this cleaner on glass surfaces: windows, tables, doors, mirrors, etc.

AntiquaxCopper & Brass Polish Noted for its effortlessness, this product effectively polishes with a special non-abrasive action. The polish has incredible anti-tarnish properties that ensure longevity for all your bright metals. 

AntiquaxCrystal Chandelier CleanerTraditional chandelier cleaning can be a nightmare because doing so entails the tedious unhooking, cleaning, and replacing of each and every crystal on the piece (some modern fittings do not unhook at all). Antiquax’s chandelier cleaner has a special spray nozzle for high capacity, allowing the product to spray farther than conventional aerosol cans. All one needs to do is stand back and spray: the cleaner does the rest.

Internationally recognized for excellence, Antiquax products are guaranteed to maintain furniture’s deep luster for years. For maintenance of fine furniture, beeswax and other wax products are the best idea for the safest, cleanest, and clearest polish possible.